Do you ever feel stuck in life? 
I sure do, and several years ago I was exactly that...stuck.  As a busy entrepreneur and mother

who seemed to always be dealing with crisis, I finally had had enough.  I started my journey

to better health when I realized the destructive path I was on and felt my physical, mental, and emotional well being drifting further away from me.  

I was handling the stress in my life the way most people do.  I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.  I was binge eating all the wrong foods.  I got absolutely no exercise.  I wasn't sleeping well.  I wasn't doing anything well.

Does this sound familiar?

I found myself 40 pounds overweight with high cholesterol and with little real joy in my life.  I filled my waking hours with only work and my son.

My Turning Point
My doctor gave it to me have to change your lifestyle if you want to change how you look and feel.  I was resistant, after all, I still was and felt relatively young.  I didn't want to be on medication for my cholesterol, but I didn't want to do the work required not to be either.

A lifelong friend had just started her own health journey and asked me to accompany her on one of her personal challenges of walking a 5k.  I was thrilled to support her 100 percent.  It never entered my mind I would have any difficulty WALKING 3.1 miles, but about halfway through the walk, panic began to set in.  My knees and hips hurt and my breathing was labored.  I was uncertain whether I could actually finish.  I certainly was not going to disappoint my friend, so I continued to work through my fear and pain by encouraging her.  When I crossed that finish line an hour later, I had my 'aha moment'.  This was not a joke.  This was my life, my body.  I realized at that moment what terrible shape I really was in and how desperately I needed to make a change. 

And so I did.  One small change at a time.

I didn't really know anything about a plant-based diet yet.  Vegan?  No way!  I started out

like most people trying to eat lean animal proteins and spent hours working out to routines. 

The problem?  I felt worse than ever.

That same friend then shared with me that she would be doing a juice fast because of a
​movie she watched, "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead."  I was curious, so I watched it.

That's the movie that opened my eyes.

I also watched "Forks Over Knives," which forever changed my life.  I haven't eaten meat since.  

That very weekend, I cleaned out the freezer and have never looked back.  I continued to gather

information and learned more about the poor health status of our country because of our food

industry techniques, the power of lobbying, factory farming processes, and environmental

devastation.  Each one of these all related in some way to my everyday food choices.​

My Results
It took time, but I started to get my health, and essentially my life back.

I quit smoking.  I revamped all my favorite recipes and the way I prepared meals and cooked.  

I was trying fresh and whole foods I had never experienced or even heard of in my 49 years of life!  

Today, I no longer have high cholesterol.  Exercise is a privilege.  I can rollerblade and hike again.  

I can even run now!  Most importantly, I now love the way I live and feel.  

And you can too!

My health journey continues as I am a constant learner devoted to bettering myself. 

I regularly attend​​ ​seminars, weekend retreats, and read and share with other vegan experts. 

I received my plant-based nutrition certificate and am a certified vegan lifestyle coach and

educator all because I am passionate about assisting others through a positive journey to

their own new healthy lifestyle.

You can get there.  And I can help you every step of the way.

Cheers to happy, healthy living!

​Lisa Rose

Cheers to happy, healthy living!​